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  • Mike Martinez

The March of Time

It has been many months since I provided an update on life with my grandchildren, Ellie and Emma. I want to discuss their recent activities as 2016 dawns.

They have lived with me for two years now. I am constantly amazed at how quickly they grow up. To an adult, two years passes seemingly in the blink of an eye. To a child, it is forever. To Emma, it is literally a lifetime.

Ellie is in the first grade at Youth Elementary School in Loganville, Georgia. He earns straight "A" grades, although his behavior sometimes leaves something to be desired. He can be rough and aggressive with other children. He is all boy. His extracurricular activities include karate and soccer.

Emma spends most of her days at a child development center, Discovery Point, in Loganville. She is walking and running with reckless abandon. Her vocabulary is limited, but it grows all the time. She is a curious, loving little child.

When they came to live with me, I was worried. I never reared children of my own. Now, two years in, they are a joy. I cannot imagine my life without them.

I look forward to the trials and tribulations of loving and living with children in 2016. Stay tuned.

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