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  • Mike Martinez

The Safety of the Kingdom: Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Carrel Books, a division of Skyhorse Publishing in New York, published my latest book, The Safety of the Kingdom: Government Responses to Subversive Threats, at the end of August 2015. Copies (in hardcover, electronic book format, or Audible Audio) are now available for purchase at these websites:

  1. Carrel Books:


  3. Barnes and Noble online:

  4. Books a Million online:

I wrote about the book in several previous blog postings: On February 13, 2015, February 27, 2015, and March 16, 2015. As I discussed in those postings, this book is to some extent a sequel to my book Terrorist Attack on American Soil: From the Civil War Era to the Present. The earlier work explored terrorist attacks against American targets. The Safety of the Kingdom examines government responses to such attacks.

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